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!10 Year Anniversary Recording 'X'

2018 saw us celebrate 10 years of Latitude 37 - wow!  To commemorate this milestone we have created a special limited edition album of some of our all-time favourite tracks, to be released only on vinyl (don't worry, it comes with a digital download code too). Recorded and produced entirely in Melbourne, we are super proud of this beautiful album which will be available in the new year. We'd like to thank our wonderful backers whose support made this recording possible.  Thank you to the moon and back!

Albert Comper

Joe Bland

Jennifer Kerr

Stephen Shanasy

Margot Breidahl

Anna Cerneaz

Veronika Vincze

Enid Meldrum

Colin Swan

Dr Martin Elhay

Charlotte Whittle

Andrew Porter

George Deutsch

Dr. Erin Helyard

Mairi Nicolson

Josie Ryan

Zenia Mak

Dr Michael Diamond

Jennifer Eddy

Nicole Heinecke

Jane Reiseger

Dr John Smith

Kay Jamieson

Tim Marsh

Hannah Marshall

Lucinda Moon

Adele Schonhardt

Laura Moore

Sally Meehan

Ernest Lo

George Liakatos

Julienne Wight

Rob Dyball

Rebecca Smith

Susan Gillberg

Tom James

Natasha Thomas

Russell Sandford

Matthew Godard

Simon Martyn-Ellis

Fiona Sullivan

Anneke Scott

Michaël Samyn

Roberta Diamond

Martin Penicka

Ryan Williams

Ben Opie

Kim Bishop

Rebecca Dabbs

Alistair & Lorna Nicolson

Dr. David Irving

Nicholas Dinopoulos

Toby Chadd

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