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The core players of Australia’s premiere baroque trio comprise gifted violinist Julia Fredersdorff, Laura Vaughan on gamba and Donald Nicholson on keyboards. Each is a true master of his or her craft, having studied and honed their skills at the very best Conservatoria and played with the finest period orchestras in Europe. Between...them they spread before us a thoughtful, wide ranging smorgasbord of the rare and the just about known with lashings of style and flair.

Review - Royal Consort CD Limelight Magazine

'Latitude 37’s core membership is augmented by guests including recorder virtuoso Genevieve Lacey and comes with meticulously researched liner notes by historian Dr Dolly MacKinnon, in conjunction with the Australian Research Council’s Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions. Royal Consorts is glorious. There is no good reason not to have it on high rotation.'

Review - Empires CD The Australian

'The playing of gambist Laura Vaughan, violinist Julia Fredersdorff and keyboardist Donald Nicolson is marvellously skilled and impeccably stylish. Here, at last, is an Australian baroque group that can confidently mix it with the world’s best.'

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