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About Our 2019 Season

Corelli and his Legacy - 2019 Concert Series

Arcangelo Corelli (1653-1713) was one of the most revered and influential composers of the baroque era. During 2019, Latitude 37 explores the music that shaped him in a fine selection of instrumental works by Corelli and his contemporaries. His small and exquisite output was some of the first music ever to achieve ‘classic’ status, and his brilliance inspired many other composers of his generation, whether near to his home in Italy, or further afield in Europe in France and Germany. Come and discover the sublime accomplishment of one of the greatest baroque composers in our 3-concert tribute to his genius.

For the first time, Latitude 37 will be touring each of the program in the series to the Mornington Peninsula, Albury, Canberra and Ballarat and surrounds. Come and discover one of Australia's best-loved baroque trios live in concert! 

Series Dates:

APRIL The Genesis of Corelli

AUGUST “Magnum Opus”: The Opus 5 of Corelli

NOVEMBER/DECEMBER The Apotheosis of Corelli