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2024 Concerts

This year we begin with Imitatio, a programme of music close to our hearts from 17th century Germany, are honoured to be a part of the Music, She Wrote Festival, and end our year with a jaunt to Paris in Le Chemise Blanche. We hope that you can join us in the intimate surrounds of the Eleventh Hour Theatre in Fitzroy - see you there!

5pm Sunday July 14 - La Chemise Blanche

The Eleventh Hour Theatre
170 Leicester St, Fitzroy

Tickets (live in person) $30 full / $22 conc.



PARIS - a hotbed of musical creativity for centuries, home to extremes of elegance, formality, whimsy and eccentricity. With flouncy white shirts a-plenty, we have crafted an immersive hour bringing Paris to The Eleventh Hour Theatre, with sophisticated music by François Couperin, Marin Marais and Jean-Féry Rebel, interspersed with some Parisian surprises including the Australian premier of a new work by Alice Chance!


Francois Couperin - Troisieme Concert from Concert Royaux
Couperin - La Chemise Blanche

Jean-Fery Rebel - Sonate Sixieme in b minor

Antoine Forqueray - La Jupiter

Erik Satie - Gnossienne

Alice Chance - Old Ground

Marin Marais - Le Tableau de l'Operation de la Taille

5pm Sunday February 25 - Imitatio

The Eleventh Hour Theatre
170 Leicester St, Fitzroy

Tickets (live in person) $30 full / $22 conc.


Full of music rich in invention, innovation and vibrancy, in Imatatio we explore the wealth of the Baroque imagination in a programme brimming with fantasy and affect. The 17th century was the birthplace of instrumental music as an artform in its own right, and virtuoso player-composers from Germany and Bohemia such as Heinrich Biber, Dietrich Buxtehude and Johann Schmelzer left a legacy of sonatas revelling in the possibilities of the violin, viola da gamba and harpsichord



Dietrich Buxtehude - Op 2 No 2 
Heinrich Biber - Rosary Sonata No 4 

Anonymous - Sonata for viola da gamba
Johann Schmelzer - Trio Sonata in G major
Buxtehude - Prelude 

8pm Friday March 22 - The Phoenix & The Queen

Music, She Wrote Festival
Tempo Rubato
18 Breese St, Brunswick

Tickets (live in person) $35 full / $30 conc.


As part of the Music, She Wrote Festival, we delve into memories of music from the past by a doomed queen, a brilliant nun and a child prodigy who blossomed as a gifted composer. Complemented by new music created through a 17th-century filter by Brooke Green, The Phoenix and the Queen shares music by Ann Boleyn, Isabella Leonarda and Elisabeth Jaquet de la Guerre with the dulcet and delicate sounds of the baroque violin, viola da gamba and harpsichord.


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