Welcome to Latitude 37's 2021 concert season.  We're thrilled to be teaming up with Melbourne Digital Concert Hall this year to bring you three beautiful performances that you can join us for either in person at Melbourne's Athenaeum Theatre or livestreamed straight to your living room, anywhere in the world. 

With three fascinating and diverse programmes, including intricate 17th century Italian delicacies, a captivating window into the excesses of pre-Revolution Versailles with stellar guest artist Simon Rickard (musette,) and a thrilling exploration of the nexus between East and West in Ottoman Feast, we hope you can join us for a concert or three this year.

Next Concert: Delicious!

7pm, Thursday 7 October

An evening of well-balanced humours awaits you in this fine feast of a program.

Until the late 18th century, great importance was placed on maintaining a balance amongst the bodily humours, and therefore moods: blood (sanguine), yellow bile (choleric), black bile (melancholic) and phlegm (phlegmatic), ensuring a healthy and happy life. Just as food was all categorised by its dominant humour, so was music. Structured as a carefully-planned musical meal to keep all the humours in equilibrium, enjoy works by Marais, Forqueray, Download, Soler and Bach for a humorous evening of perfect Baroque balance.

Ticketholders will also receive a matched menu of recipes and wine by renowed food writer Rita Erlich, that can be prepared and enjoyed at home while you watch the concert.

This concert replaces our originally scheduled "Ottoman Feast" owing to current restrictions on performer numbers and rehearsals. Watch this space for 2022 concert details!