Capital Times, 24 – 30 August 2011

Exuberant and Rich

With Latitude 37 we heard virtuosic playing in a chamber music context exhibiting current Baroque practice, streets away from the often indulgent reverence placed on Baroque performance practice twenty or more years ago.

With an improvisatory approach and free, relaxed playing Latitude 37’s performance more closely represented what might have been heard in the original Baroque period.

The three players studied at the Royal Conservatory in the Hague, a centre for Baroque performance teaching.

We know from other performances the astonishing virtuosity and excellence of harpsichord Donald Nicolson and here he was teamed with equivalently excellent Australian players in baroque violinist Julia Fredersdorff and viola da gamba and lirone player Laura Vaughan.

It was a fascinating concert of music by mostly little-known 17th century composers.

Their playing was vibrant and involving with a spontaneity that was refreshing and it was especially interesting to hear the rich viola da gamba, alternating with the chordal playing on the lirone from Vaughan.

From one of the well know Italian families, Frescobaldi, we heard the Toccata per spinetta e violini.  An exuberant piece.

The playing throughout was free-spirited with seamless moments of improvisation.


Latitude 37 touring for Chamber Music New Zealand

Ilott Theatre, Wellington, August 17 2011.

Reviewed by Garth Wilshere