The Manawatu Standard, 2 September 2011

Knowledge and talent bring Baroque era alive

With their reputation for breathing life back into Baroque masterpieces, Latitude 37 presented a programme featuring German music written in the late 17th and early 18th centuries. Indeed, it is to their considerable credit that Latitude 37 have so thoroughly researched their material, so the composers represented included a mixture of the little-known, such as Gottfreid Finger, to Baroque masters such as Buxtehude and JS Bach.

However, such a narrow timeframe means that there is only limited variety within the programme, and the listener is dependent on the differing emotional requirements within each work, rather than the range featured in a selection of music across the different artistic periods.

This aside, however, it cannot be denied that the musicianship among the group was the very finest as Julia Fredersdorff (violin), Laura Vaughan (viola da gamba and lirone) and Donald Nicolson (harpsichord) all proved to be completely at home with both their instruments and their music.

The ensemble were obviously taking as much enjoyment from playing together as they were from their complete conversancy with their music, thus ensuring a performance that created a gloriously, highly distinctive sound that must have come close to a genuine Baroque sound.

Such an opportunity to experience such a masterful display of a love of Baroque music is indeed a rare treat, and it is to the complete credit of Chamber Music New Zealand that Latitude 37 were included in this year’s programme, giving us all the opportunity to revel in the music of the Baroque in all its glory.

REVIEW: Latitude 37
Chamber Music New Zealand Concert Season 2011.
The Regent on Broadway, Palmerston North,

September 2, 2011
Reviewed by Stephen Fisher