Bay of Plenty Times, 11 May 2009

A sumptuous feast of divine harmoniesMills Reef [Winery] provided the ideal intimate venue for Sunday night’s Tauranga Musica performance by Baroque trio, Latitude 37. The Trio … recreated the lush and layered sounds reminiscent of the Baroque era with their antique instruments; there were moments during the Corelli sonata where one could vividly imagine courtly dances during the reign of Louis the Sun King: slow, graceful, deliberate movements, enhanced by the voluminous and highly ornate costumes of the time.Not only is each performer within Latitude 37 a superb musician, with in-depth knowledge of the history and structure of his/her instrument, but the sum of their improvised harmonies intertwine to create an exquisite ensemble-repartee.

Each artist shines: in the first set, Fredersdorff’s violin became a central voice, light and luscious, but piqued with sorrow in the second movement of Jean-Marie Leclair’s Sonata; the haunting resonance of Laura Vaughan’s viola da gamba was further enhanced by her expert use of reverberation in Le Badinage, by Marin Marais; Donald Nicolson’s solo harpsichord, in the final piece by Rameau … not only illuminated the artist’s incredible dexterity, but also revealed his outstanding ability to create great pathos from this delicate instrument, which is as melodic as it is percussive. Latitude 37:  truly a sumptuous feast of divine harmonies.

Nyree Sherlock