Rotorua Daily Post, 12 May 2009

Trio charms audience

At the Concert Chamber last night (11 May) the Baroque instrument trio Latitude 37 charmed the audience and got obvious enjoyment themselves from a programme of engaging 18th Century French, Italian and German music.

The dedication and technical skills of three young Australasian musicians, and hence their name, playing Baroque violin, viola da gamba and harpsichord revealed the colour and expressive power of these instruments.

The gentle tone of this particular harpsichord made it a fine instrument to show off the rhythmic detail in Couperin’s  ‘Little Clock’. Marais’s ‘Le Badinage’ for viola da gamba and harpsichord was a dramatic piece in itself, but it brought out the rich vibrance of the former. The flowing melodies of the French style of trio in the works of Marais, Leclair made a nice contrast to the exuberance of Germans Buxtehude, Telemann and  Becker.

Corelli’s Sonata ‘Follia’ was a revelation, for it disclosed that Vivaldi did not have a monopoly in Italian music on inventive textures and harmonic refinement. Rameau’s Concert Piece had been written as a harpsichord solo with accompaniment by the other two instruments. While these overshadowed the soft keyboard, their combination gave a satisfying balance to the music.

Hanno Fariburn